Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"do you really want to have this conversation?"

"i have no problem with sticking you! i will equalize you!"

chels--how do you not like 'forgetting sarah marshall'??? geez, it is the best! i am watching it for the millionth time right about now.

i am so much happier these days. work was sucking and doing things that suck for many hours a day really brings the mood down. i worked for a whole 6 hours today. that was pretty exciting. nothing major happened but i made myself not only walk to work, but also walk back. that and my old lady workouts are not rocking my cardio world but i feel like less of a fatty. today was also a day without soda and i can feel it in my brain. ugh. i am trying not to message jt and ask him to stop at the ol sonic drink stop to get me an ocean water. it would make my day that much better but i know i dont need it. charlie cant just get a 12 oz. drink and let it go, charlie needs a rt. 44 light ice.

hey, we went to the six flags last weekend. pretty pretty pretty.....pretty exciting. the highlight being domnoes pizza afterwords. man, that was some great pizza. the lowest part of the evening was haunted nights. i love to be scared. its fun. i get it. i have no idea why i try to get away from something i love so much. i was so excited when i found out that employees dressed as zombies and the like were going to be freely walking the six flags. my excitement left as soon as i saw one. i freaked the hell out! my head darted around non stop after that, looking for a haunted person. half of me wanted to see one so bad! the other half was hoping that i never saw one again. other than that it was a fun time.

this cracks me up:

oh boy, that is the goods.

speaking of the goods and things that are the opposite of it. i am getting a little fired up about people and their political opinions. i just read a little something that someone posted and it made me want to call this person and say "REALLY?! really!?? are you really this stupid? REALLY?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!!!!!!" i think that if you are going to post something, you should really get the facts. i could and really want to go on about it but i have learned that you should never talk religion or politics. geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sarah marshall. how i love you movie! you cool my jets movie!

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