Friday, October 24, 2008

i STILL didnt watch the life aquatic! all of our towels are still dirty! YEASH! i did knit like it was going out of style! you know thats true. it isnt going out of style.....right? no idea. i did make a fancy dinner. not really as fancy as i thought it was going to be. in fact, not so much fancy as it was cheese filled. i am talking cheesetastically cheese covered. we went to the hippie grocery store down the street because they have the fancy cheese i wanted to use and said "hey, lets get some hippie chicken and hippie broccoli here so we don't have to go to yet another store!" so we got some hippie organic chicken and some hippie broccoli to go with the fancy cheese. seriously, i am going to quote jt here and say "you get what you pay for" because this chicken kicked so much ass. it was not that much more than regular people chicken in all honesty. we also got some hippie pimento cheese for me to have for lunch tomorrow. i am pretty excited about it. in fact i am going to down a couple of tylenol pms so i can hurry and go to sleep so tomorrow will get here "faster" and i can have a pimento cheese sandwich. mmmmm, good plan.

this blanket i am making will officially be half finished tomorrow. it sucks that i just learned to fuse the ends together when i am started a new ball o' yarn and this half looks like i 3 year old made it. the other half will be flawless and i will be able to live with the imperfections because of how comfortable it is going to be. i will make one for you if you want to cough up the 8$ a skein that this bad boy costs. i dont want to talk about that part. again, you get what you pay for.

i am bouncing off the walls if you cant tell. i am getting cabin fever!

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chelsie said...

get out of the house!!
i am going to come down to asheville and we will walk around this hippie-ness

i need you in my life