Thursday, October 30, 2008

i had 3 dreams last night. the first was being trapped in a hardees waiting for jesus with a bunch of old guys. there were no lights at all and in the morning i found out a film crew was there the whole time. i was like "hey, you are not part of this either, rescue me!" it was odd and scarier than it sounds. the second dream was me, phillip, and obama eating at several restaurants. barack had a couple of beers and started gettin' crraaaaaazy. i found a computer somewhere and started listening to the worst music ever and i said "man, this is the worst music EVER" and wouldnt you know it, the kid that was singing was standing right beside of me. i tried to recover but he offered to roller skate with me and i am guessing things were cool between us. it was a good dream. the last dream was that dee snyder of twisted sister wanted to adopt me. i was on the side of the road and he and his wife picked me up and dropped me off in the worst town ever. it was full of people that looked like they were from the movie "gummo" and toilets were everywhere. aaaaaanyway, i walked around for a while and the snyder family found me again and asked if they could adopt me. i was like "errr, i am an adult!" they didnt care so i said "sure". we then went to a place that they called 'the concrete mile' and apparently you could go whatever speed you wanted there. it was just a mile though so i have no idea what my brain was thinking.

oh dreams, you so crazy.

i am really not liking my new sleep patterns. i go to bed at 11-ish and wake up at 11-sh AM! that is just too much and i waste most of the day. not that i make use of the day. it is because this apartment is a cave! it is dark aaaaaaaaalllll the time. whatever. i will work on it.

so i have finally gotten it through my head that eating decently and exercise is the only way to be. no magical pill or diet is going to actually keep weight off and healthify me. i have to change my lifestyle people! or person. i am convinced that chelsie and jt are the only people that read this. hello chels and jt.

anyway. i am going to get dressed and maybe go outside. who knows. i doubt it. its cold out there and i only have my thin-ass yellow jacket.


robin said...

i read it still, i'm still stalking you i'm just doing a better job of hiding it!

chelsie said...

good for you and your healthy lifestyle....does jt have one of these things I can add to my daily list of things to waste time on? because that'd be entertaining...not as entertaining as you, of course.