Friday, October 24, 2008

i really get irritated with people putting their politics in my face. especially when i don't agree with what they stand for and it physically makes me ill to think about what they are promoting. it is really scary how strongly people feel about certain issues and how black and white they make it seem. i am secure in my opinions and i may be baffled by how people think but i would try my best not to call them wrong. even though they are. HA! just kidding, think your thoughts over there, away from me, and we will be okay. nothing is worse than someone trying to convert people into thier way of thinking. there is a fine line between informing and forcing your opinion on someone. so i just looked into my political compass. it makes me smile that i share the same general views as the dalai lama, nelson mandela, and gandhi. i doubt any of those guys would say "gimme some of those fuckin chips!" like i just did, but it is still better than being in the same general area as hilter. yeash. that would be embarassing.

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chizel said...

the reason i hate politics and religion.