Tuesday, October 21, 2008

day off today. it was pretty uneventful. my 'ugly betty' marathon continues and i am on my last disc of the second season. i may be ending my love of the show with this season because the thought of watching lindsay lohan in the third season makes me unhappy. dont get me wrong, i cried at the end of 'freaky friday' and i watched 'mean girls' for my love of tina fey but thats all the lohan i can stand. sad that it has to end that way. maybe i will come around.

other than that i pretty much did nothing. went to starbucks to pick up my tips and they were wonderful. i walked out of there feeling like a stripper with a pocket overflowing with one dollar bills wrapped in rubber bands. went to get some movies to entertain me whilst jt went on his man-date. i am going to put a load or 2 of laundry in, watch the last of ugly betty, knit a little bit, and top it off with an old lady workout. exciting!

i have been thinking about redoing the apartment to make some more room and make it feel less cluttered. i feel like it is going to be awesome. starting tomorrow i am getting all of the clothes we dont wear together and hopefully jt and i can get the closet in some sort of order and get it started. the end product will include a turning the whole apartment around, making the closet an entertainment system of sorts, getting 2 medium area rugs instead of 1 big ugly one, getting rid of the bookshelf, turning the desk around, putting up a divider, using the 2 hall closets for stuff other than junk storage, and hopefully putting some pictures and wall things up without jt thinking we are going to get kicked out for putting holes in the wall. they always find a way to keep the deposit anyway, might as well throw caution to the wind and hammer a nail or 2. oh, and also curtains. thats right people, we dont have curtains. i feel like we live in a dorm room or something. i didnt have curtains in bristol, maybe because it would have taken 7 bed sheets to cover the things. oh windows, how i miss you. i have gone a whole day at a time not knowing what it looks like outside. not having windows is no excuse for my hermit tendencies, i am just saying. maybe i am having trouble finding someone to hang out with because i listen to this song all the time:

this song used to come on at starbucks all the time for some reason and every time i would run to the back and say "really!??! i freaking love this song! i cant believe it!!!!!"


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chelsie said...

this IS a good song!