Friday, October 24, 2008

it is sad when you work out just to warm up. it is cold in here. i refuse to turn the heat on. the heat in this apartment scares me. i am not sure where it comes from. there are dials here and there on the walls but no vents. it just doesnt seem consistant enough for my taste. plus this place is a fire waiting to happen. i think methusela lived here at some point.


i just spent 15 minutes watching adam ant videos. yeash, i was in love with him when i was 11 or 12.


jt is going the sam's tonight so they can hold hands while they watch veronica mars. i am taking this time to make a fancy dinner for myself, and pretty much do the things i said i was going to do the other dayand didnt. wash towels, knit, and watch the life aquatic.

i was trying to take a secret nap after work and i woke up to the sound of someone walking through the door. i was so scared that i froze. it was about 1:30 so i knew it wasnt jt, hence the freaking out. turns out that it was jt, picking up something to take back to a guy at work so my secret nap was busted wide open. that was the most exciting part of my day. other than walking home. i thought it was going to be terrible because it was cold and wet out but it was freaking great. salted caramel hot chocolate + walking home = lame, but great.

i am trying to force my friendship on a couple of people at work. i think it is working. i hate to say it but i still feel less than myself lately. its really weird. i feel like a 13 year old adult. weeeiiirrd. maybe it is because i am listening to the everybodyfields and they always make me feel meloncholy.

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