Friday, October 31, 2008

jt guest blogged! that makes me really happy. since he numbered it, i am hoping that means he will do that more often.

my day started with 4 hours of work. i felt weird and high all day and i pretty much just laughed and laughed and laughed some more. it was grrrrreat. then i walked to purls, the yarn store and bought some....YARN! then i walked back to work where i taught harmony how to knit for a for a couple of hours. it was fantastical fun times. then jt and i went to look for some shoes. it was a bust. i was also looking for a coat and it was a busty bust as well. then we went to eat and i ate more that i have eaten in a week in one sitting and i feel like crap about it. then we went to the liquor store and got some elderly things to get wasted on. just kidding. we are not going to get wasted but we did get some old people stuff. HA! jt just read this and said "i thought you said that we were!" about getting wasted. he was joking but hot damn it was funny. anyway, we got some campari and gin to make some old lady gin and tonics and some old man campari and whatever. i feel positively ancient! i am also going to knit! happy halloweeeen. campari sucks by the way.


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