Thursday, August 14, 2008

thank you and goodnight

the times, they are pretty good. i worked all freaking day long today.

jt just screamed from the kitchen "ah so much chicken!" and it was pretty funny.

anyway. target was targety. i clocked in, i put things away and opened and broke down so many boxes that my hands want to revolt and go into hiding. i hate cardboard. nothing really funny or exciting happened. something exciting was waiting in the mail from target when i came home. it was a letter from dave, the store lead manager that says "charlie, great job! you have been recognized as a top performer!". i am really excited about it. i like praise. it makes me feel like dancin.

it smells like burning. jt is cooking and i feel like its not going his way.........yeah, i just checked and the kitchen is smoky and the chicken is black. ugh. i dont care because after working 14+ hours, the thought of cooking makes me want to be sick all over the place. oh lord is smells so bad in here. have i mentioned it is 10:30? sheesh. i am happy he is trying.

anyway. after target i went to starbucks and nothing really happened there either. now i am here and waiting to have some dinner. i am hoping we get to bed before 11 or 1130 because 530a comes really early.

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