Sunday, August 3, 2008

do you suppose that i would come runnin'

poor jt. got a little tummy shame sickness. uhg, i hate that he is not feeling well. i am taking care of him from a safe distance. i hope i dont start feeling bad. as much as i try to be a functioning sick person, i dont think i would work the way i am supposed to whilst wanting to throw up in a box full of bamboo sheet sets. lucky that he doesnt go back to work for another week! last time i had any kind of illness, i cried at work all day. that is no joke. anyone remember that?

speaking of illness, i have some weird thing on my foot that is creeping me out. it doesnt look like something that is about to ooze or some sort of gross thing. you cant even actually see anything, it just feels. uhg, i hope i dont have to have my foot amputated. if that ever happens i will ask them to just take it off at the knee so i can get a pirate leg or one of those moon boot type situations.

work has been borderline awesome lately. i like the new target situation. the day goes by quickly, i know what i am doing. either you are doing it or you are not, there is no good or bad. either you finish your tasks and get everything ready to go out onto the floor or you dont. the end. i know most of the full time people there and i feel more comfortable. i am not 100% myself but i havnt been 100% outside of home in a while. actually i hadnt been even bearable to be around until i started enjoying work more. the last few days of working hardlines at target were really difficult. the ride to work was almost a tear-fest. i wasnt happy just going to work and mindlessly straightening crap and not seeing another human to talk to unless someone needed to know where the ziploc bags were. now i am happy at work and it is making me happier all around. starbucks is also really great and i look forward to my 2-3 days working there. i like the full time people and since i am not there all day everyday i can honestly say that i enjoy the whole shift i am there.

times are good.

plus since ol' sick jt has been reading "breaking dawn" pretty much all day he is almost finished with it. i cant wait to read it. i read about 30 pages and i is just as good as the first and third one. i was not a huge huge fan of the second one. just because it too 3/4ths of the book for me to get into it. this new one is not getting the best reviews but to that i say "shut up poopy face!".

i ate 4 or 5 donuts today. since it was tax-free weekend and the store has been super busy we have been getting a lot of free food. fancy pizza, firehouse subs, and today we got 10 dozen donuts. white frosting with green sprinkles really won me over and i kept one in my had whenever possible. did i mention i had to wake up at 330a? started work at 4 and the day pretty much sped by. always good.

uhg, if i get sick i am going to beat the crap out of someone.

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