Saturday, August 2, 2008

a few tid bits from today:

-i woke up feeling awesome and well was odd. maybe it was from watching a mini marathon of our new favorite show, californication and the party liquor before bed. womerns likes that.
-when i got to work i pretty much kicked it into high gear and finished my pre-11am tasks an hour early. i then got called back to my boss's office where he said (with a serious look that said "i mean business"), "charlie, do you like working with this team?" and i thought i was in trouble and almost burst into tears. i said "yes" and he said "well, we love having you" and gave me a copy of "breaking dawn" which just came out today. it was the best welcome present ever. when i sat down for my second break i looked around and saw 3 people reading it was well. a guy had it sitting next to him and he patted it when i looked over. we shared the "i know whats up" look.
-it is 7:47 pm and i am heading to bed. i have to wake up at 3:30 am.


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