Wednesday, August 6, 2008

gross stuff ahead, dont read it if you are eating!

phew, i was so sick yesterday. i was sick enough to call into work, if that tells you anything. i can count on one hand how many times i have called into work. if someone called and said "charlie, your job depends on your being here today", i would have had to get fired because the thought of going to work made me throw up even more than i was already. the thought of even putting on clothes made me sick. i was running around in a towel throwing up on everything. it was kind of nice to be sick when there was another person around. getting sick when you live alone is the worst. you just have to suffer alone. plus you dont have anyone to go out at 5 in the morning to get you a gatorade to replenish the precious fluids you are spewing from who knows where. you also cant have that person get all the way home and have them go out again for midol. i had though about going in to work, throwing up somewhere public and obvious, and getting sent home. i am so afraid people thinking i have a crappy work ethic. i didnt care yesterday and called straight from the bathroom floor. i think i scared jt because i am a violent vomiter and i cry the whole time. i cant describe how awful it sounds. oh boy, i wanted to type "awful" and i kept typing "awesome". that is hilarious and i love myself for it. anyway, back to the sick time. i was sick sick sick and then i gave it one last sicky sick hurl right in the living room then collapsed on the couch for a couple of hours. THEN i woke up and ate a piece of toast, watched the last few episodes of californication, and read "breaking dawn" for many hours. i only have a little bit left to read but i am trying to make it last a little bit. i will most likely finish it tonight because some crazy stuff is happening.

so that is my sick time. i cursed jt because he didnt throw up when he had the tummy shame. he held up a lot better than i did.

moving on. i went to work today and i thought that people would be mad at me for not being there yesterday. but hey, guess what? target went on without me. unlike starbucks, when one person calls out, the store can function just as well. even when people don't call out at starbucks it still feels like we are short a person or 2. maybe because there are not 200 people on staff. not that this means i am going to make a habit of calling in.

at any rate. roxanne and angie are coming to asheville tomorrow! yaaaaaaaaaaay!

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chelsie said...

i love your blog. I know i say that all of the time. i laugh outloud all of the when you said "i love myself for it" hahah about typing awesome instead of awful. haha i love you for it to.

mom comes in 20-27