Sunday, August 31, 2008

well hello there. i havn't updated this bad boy in a while. i had a really great week. i am lying. everything after friday was pretty great. friday was payday for both jt and i and it could not have happened at a better time. the summer of finacial crappiness is over and i could not have been happier. to say more would be rude but suffice to say that we are less stressed and all is well. not to say that money solves everything but it certainly solved any issues i have had the past month or so.

jt is out tonight and i am using my alone time to do lots of laundry and do some secret workouts on my new balance ball. chelsie suggested i get one that relates to my height and i took that advice. it seems small in comparison to the mammoth i had before.

i really dont have much to talk about.

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chelsie said...

well well well
look who came back out of the woodworks!

I miss you already and your crazy ass antics.