Friday, August 1, 2008


i like that all of the new comments are from 6 am. thats just weird and possibly incorrect. the "is there life out there" video really makes me cringe at the part when reba says "what have you done?!". you know what i am talking about.

chels----take some pictures of your home and email them to me. seriously.

i have nothing to say today but i have to update. target is target, starbucks is starbucks. i got my first "full" paycheck with my previous pay and i honestly looked at it and said "really?". i feel like i have done a million dollars worth of work. maybe with the new pay rate it will be a little better. plus i get time and half on sundays since i have to be there at 4am. i thought it would be awesome to be there before the place was opened and after we closed. its really not as awesome as you would think. i also thought the walkie talkies would be more entertaining. think again.

i forgot to say that robin came over for 45 minutes the other day. it was the greatest. it was also the day i thought i was having a heart attack but it was really just really terrible gas. it was the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

the 4th book in the twilight series is coming out tonight. shew.

the end.

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