Wednesday, August 20, 2008


oooooo i hate you internet! you know what you did! why the hell did you let me do that?!

i am over it. really i am.

anyway. i have had the whole morning and early afternoon off and i could not be happier about it. i really needed a sleep that was longer than 6 hours. hey, some people can go on that. i can't. i am unhealthy to the point that i need 10 to function properly. if case you havnt figured it out, our operation eatin' good has stopped for a while. mostly because i cant put that much thought into it. why cook something tasty and good for you when you can eat 3 hot pockets and 32 oz. of soda? the good news is that i am still somehow losing weight thanks to work.

speaking of things that make me SICK. i hate the earth and talk of saving it. people are ruining the color green for me. i also hate when people have a crapload of stuff and they say "oooooooo ooooo! i dont need a plastic bag! save the earth!" when they leave i throw away a handful. just kidding i dont really do that. i think about it. just save the earth and dont tell me about it. it really does not impress me that you use your own cup. its not that i dont believe that the world is "rolling downhill like a snowball headin' for heeell" (mmmm i like that song) but i hate that everyone is either making money off of it or putting on airs that they are single handedly saving the planet and everyone else is a jackhole. i had someone refuse a bag and in a low whisper say to me "one at a time.....all it takes is one at a time". i was like "sheesh? is this really happening?" because it was the funniest thing i have ever been a part of. get over yourself asheville! the snobbery here is astronomical.

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chelsie said...

MMmmm i love that song too!

are youe excited about our trip???
i am!