Friday, August 15, 2008

one of the greatest things in the world is happening. "five guys" opened in asheville and jt is on his way to get us the best cheese burger and fries ever. i am excited because it also means i dont have to cook and i can just nap till he gets here. then eat. then nap again till it is time for starbucks work.

also, i think i the mole i have on my ring finger of my left hand is messed up. it is red and feels weird. that leads me to believe something bad is going on and i should have it checked out. the thought of having some sort of potentially harmful thing removed from my body makes me want to faint. i just looked up "inflamed moles" and it is making me all paranoid. plus i really like this mole a lot and the thought of being without it makes me really sad. i had a cute mole on my shoulder and it is all tattooed over now. after the last tattoo session i went hunting for it and cried when i saw it was covered. literally....cried. we'll see.

oh, i cant wait to have this delicious cheeseburger! so happy!

i am thinking of starting a book club. i talked about it with a starbucks person yesterday and i think it is a possibility. 2 rules being that it cant take place at starbucks and little to no work talk allowed.

someone took a poop all over the target bathrooms today. oh the shame they must feel. i didnt know what happened at first and i was just saying to anyone and everyone that i work with "please please please tell me when you know what happened!" because even the security guy was over there accessing the situation and i thought an ambulance was in the works. extreme bowel distress going on at target.

i cant think about anything else other than cheeseburgers and my finger cancer. forgive me.

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chelsie said...

i laugh out loud at you!