Saturday, December 27, 2008

i only want to post in this thing anymore when i am pity partying. rather than calling someone and having a good laugh, i write a so sad entry. i regret it instantly and delete it because it is laaaaaame. let's recap the past few days. we have an eliptical machine thing taking up what feels like 47% of the apartment and it is the highlight of my day. have i talked about this thing yet? i am not sure.

yeash, the avett brothers are playing at the orange peel tonight, one of three days here in asheville and i think it is playing a part in my mood. i really wanted to go to at least one of the shows but i tend to talk myself out of fun fun good times. i could go on about this but i would rather let it go. i thought of it because a random avett brothers song started playing on the ol pandora.

aaaaaanyway, moving on. lets see....elliptical is awesome, social anxiety sucks, where was i? nothing much is going on other than i cleaned the closet out in record time yesterday and "apartment redo 2009" is starting early. i was hoping it was going to be "apt. redo 2008" but we see how that went. it is nice to get rid of things we don't need or use. next on the list is to box up our books and dvds so we can get rid of the bookshelf. after that will be furniture move-in and maybe cable-gettin'! nothing helps a hermit like getting digital cable!

speaking of television and how it is the second love of my life, my new favorite show is "sons of anarchy" and it pains me to say that. i am not sure what it is but i am pretty into it. oh hulu, ya got me! speaking of, i am going to absorb a couple of episodes of said show.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know "I LOVE YA" and God please tell me you did not get a kitten. Anthrax is still a lil drain bamaged from his kitty bowling trips. I will see if I can locate a new Buckwheat for you. I Love and Miss you baby