Thursday, December 4, 2008

sooooooo. knit club branched out yesterday! it was exciting to get away from meeting at work. it feels like i am at work even though i am just sitting there knitting. we went from starbucks to ...another coffee place! i feel like starbucks is a coffee store, not really a coffee shop. anyway, this place is an actual coffee shop with stereotypical baristas and patrons. i felt like a fraud being there. i betrayed my place of employment as soon as i walked in the door. i walked in and realized the i had 2 starbucks pins on my jacket. i took them off in record speed. i did it because i didnt want to look out of place. i did it for the same reason a middle school kid feels like they have to wear a certain brand of clothing. SICK! i hate that i place made me feel the way i did. asheville is full of pretentious people and it felt like they were all there, hanging out with other smug assholios. at least a third of them were buried in a mac, writing something profound no doubt. i could go on about my experience there but i have to get dressed in order to walk there and knit again. hey, it is better that hanging out at work. plus they have manual machines and the coffee is good.

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