Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i would say that today was pretty "meh". i woke up late, since i am off for 3 days i am okay with that. i say that as if i wake up early normally but this is not the case. i go through phases. when i started living alone i woke up at a respectable hour, mostly so i could find a place to not be alone. when i moved to bristol i had no choice but to wake up fairly early because i couldn't find curtains for the million gigantic windows. plus i was working early. now i sleep super late because we live in a cave. it is dark and cold and if there were no clocks around you would think it is 7am at all times. unfortunately we do have a clock and i feel like it is judging me. i wake up and i don't really feel like doing much till round about 2. i am not pleased with this, i am just saying. today was no different. i started cleaning and about a quarter of the way through what i wanted to get finished, i realized that the vacuum, tony stark, doesnt work all that well. hey, maybe i am using it wrong, i don't have a whole hell of a lot of experience with vacuuming. anyway. i figured it was for the best and stop cleaning altogether. i started knitting a neckwarmer/buff/necktube and worked on the blanket for a while. jt came home. we ate dinner. i watched jon and kate+ 8. finished the necktube. it looks better than the last one. THEN it was time to get ready for the starbucks christmas bowling extraviganza. as soon as i got there it only took a second to remember "holy hell, i am socially awkward!". i felt really uncomfortable. being in that large of a group made me insane. even the people that i really enjoy being around and have a connection with felt like complete strangers. weird and not enjoyable. plus i ruined my secret santa gift! i thought it would be kinda stupid to take his gift in a tissue filled bag, as he is a guy and i am guessing would not appreciate or need the extra packaging. it was a tie by the way. a nice tie! it was wrapped in tissue and i tied some dark blue yarn around it. i figured it would make sense to write his name on it. ugh, it bled through and the tie said "to nate, from charlie". i was upset about it. i took it back and now i have to find a way to either get the stains out or replace it. i am leaning toward replacing it. also, my secret santa got me an awesome yarn dispensing bag and 3 balls of yarn. a great score for me. after the gifts we went to bowl. i opted out and send an s.o.s message to jt. while i was waiting a co-worker turns to me and says "this is a really uncomfortable party, no?" i agreed. at least i got to hear that it was pretty weird for a couple more people. i left and requested a trip to sonic. we stared at the menu for several minutes and a guy came out and said they were closing in 3 minutes. to our ears it said "please make this night easier for me and just leave" so we just left. came home, i continued jon and kate+ 8 and knitting. jt went to bed a couple of hours ago and to block out the light i gave him a panel of the blanket i am knitting (normally buckley was in charge of light blocking r.i.p). mistake because guy won't let go of it.

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