Tuesday, December 9, 2008

yeash. i am getting my car window fixed. the guy is outside right now. the question i have is this: should i tip the guy?? he IS providing a service. i didnt have to even leave the apartment. i have no idea if i should tip or not.

anyway. in other news, buckley, my buckwheat roll pillow that i have used to cover my eyes almost every single night for 8 years, fell apart a couple of nights ago. at first it was just a small hole that i stitched up. then a few inches from the original hole, another larger hole popped up. then, i was lying on the pillow and i tried to move it up a little to get more comfortable and it ripped! the past 2 nights have been horrible. number one, this pillow had weight and it conformed to my face. number two, any position i slept in, buckley had a place to be that maximized comfort. number three, i usually refered to this pillow as a "he", not an "it" so you can see how i am pretty distrought over it. i am not sleeping as well. i am trying just to drape a shirt over my eyes but it is a constant battle to keep it in place, it has no weight--which was 50% of the reason i loved buckley so much, and as soon as it falls away from my face, i wake up. i looked for something similar online and it seems pricier than i remember. i got buckley at wal-mart for 20 dollars. it seemed like a lot and maybe even a waste at the time but i felt like it could be the answers to my eye covering woes. and don't even think about suggesting an eye mask because i will freak out. eye masks mean nothing to me.

moving on. i finally got a phone yesterday! let me rephrase that, jt went out and took care of the phone business. i said "come home with a phone or don't come home at all". i really enjoy it and i hope that i dont throw it into some water or wash it. it is a struggle for me, obviously.

we watched "tropic thunder" last night and in my eyes, it was a bust. jt liked it and got a few good laughs out of it. the same with "pineapple express". i was disapointed and he loved it. what are ya gonna do??

i am almost finished with my blanket! at this rate i am so tired of looking at it that i may give it away. knit club went from 2 members to having 10 at its peak and now we are down to the hardcore half dozen and i have to say, they are the most appreciative of all things knitted and crafted. when showing a non-knitter my fugly creations (NECKTUBE ANYONE!!???) the reaction is something like this "oh wow...(looking around the room uncomfortably) that is...different?". but to take it to knit club is like taking a golden egg! it is fawned over and passed around with wide eyes. its a great feeling.

sheesh, the guy is still working on my car door. to tip or not to tip. i have no idea.

--okay, the window is fixed. i payed, i didnt tip. UGH! i should have!!!! it was a service! too late now. i did call and say how awesome the guy was. sheesh.

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