Wednesday, December 17, 2008

pretty exciting things going on in the owens/burton household. ya got me, thats not true. things are pretty regular. i have a new favorite show. "life", let me google it. damian lewis, starring damian lewis. it is the same ol' detective stuff. solvin' mysteries, gettin' clues...that kind of thing but i guess they went the extra mile to make it a little less obvious and laaaaame. enough about that.

i am kind of worried. the secret santa gift that i ruined? the tie? i wrote on it? it wanted to replace it? couple entries back? i started buying a new one but i stopped halfway through the ordering. soooo today, i checked the mail and a tie was there. hrrrrrmmmmmmm? what? i called my card people and asked if there were 2 charges blah blah blah and i am thinking that i didnt pay for it? there were not 2 charges, only the first. i am freaking out. i stopped halfway through the buying process because i didnt want to pay for it again. i went 10$ over the limit anyway, did i really want to go even MORE over the limit? the answer is no thank you. i was going to take it to the cleaners or put the ol tide stick to it. so the plan is this: take the tie to nate tomorrow because it is him christmas gift. i am giving him the new one that does not have: to nate from charlie on it. i am going to email the tie people and see if i paid for it. if i do, then i will. SHHHHEEEEEESH!!!!!!!!!

i am teaching a girl from work to knit tomorrow. i havnt been knitting. all of the panels for my blanket are finished but i have to put them together somehow. i am comfortable using double pointed needles so i would like to make some socks pretty soon. when i am at work i think about coming home, watching the darjeeling limited and knitting but i never seem to flesh out this fantasy. maybe i will do that now.

we got an elliptical. it is pretty much the best thing that we could have brought into this apartment. besides a kitten that had better be on its way soon. anyway. the elliptical. at first it was pretty much just beating us. i would get on for 5 minutes and feel like i wanted to die. now i am comfortable with the settings and can go a good 30 minutes. its worth its weight in gold in my eyes. it helps that jt and i are becoming pretty competitive about it and try to outdo each others calories burned. speaking of, i think i am going to elliptical it for a bit before bed.

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