Tuesday, December 2, 2008

yeeuuuuck, i am back on the soda. i feel awful about it. thanksgiving week did me in as far as sweets and soda are concerned. so, back to square one. no more soda. after i drink this can of dr. pepper. and the dr. enuf in the fridge. so, tomorrow i will stop.

got the last of my blanket yarn today. finally it will be finished! i am thinking of just giving it away because i am tired of looking at it. i wanted a homemade blanket for myself but i don't think that this is the one. did i mention i walked to town to get said yarn?!? COLD. winter coat buying has not gone well for me so far. enough about that.

what else....i washed my phone and i have to use the razr that only stayed charged for 30 minutes at a time. i made laundry soap. it actually works really well and it takes no time. speaking of, i need to wash some clothes and watch a movie whilst i knit. i taught chels to knit over thanksgiving week! she is naturally crafty. i have not seen anyone learn to knit that quickly! insaaaaane. i am proud proud proud.

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chelsie said...

i miss you!!!!!!!

come back!