Tuesday, December 2, 2008

this song instantly makes a bad mood better. if i listen to it through the headphones it almost makes me laugh, my mood is that good.

my taste in music is making me a little sad lately. i used to pride myself on having what i thought was decent taste in music....i don't count anything before i was 18 years old. i feel like i dropped off of the musical map the past couple of years. i just haven't sought out anything other than what i happen to hear. plus it doesn't help when someone younger than you says "oh, you haven't heard of...insert crappy band here...wow, i listened to them a loooooong time ago!", then i feel positively elderly. again, i blame The Internet. i am going to be that person that hates all things new. i will sit in my rocking chair and think about how things used to be awesome.

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