Tuesday, November 18, 2008

so. i started watching veronica mars. i hate to say it but the show is not the worst i have ever seen. there are a lot of things i could live without but it satisfies the part of me that loves seeing people get what is coming to them. early in the episode, someone is being an ass and they need to be put in their place and by the end of the show, veronica mars gives them the business and it is very very satisfying every time. there are a few things i hate about the show....her flashbacks being one. everything i hate about youth culture all balled into a 3 minute scene. ugh. another thing i hate is he "funny" one liners. i also hate that there are scenes here and there that are giving the thumbs up to pedophilia.....HEY! here's a 16 year olds side boob! its just weird and i could live without it. that is my opinion though. anyway. i can see why people that it is geared toward like it and i am not giving up on it but i am not head over heels for it.

moving on. i would like to share a couple of funny moments from my life. i was counting tips with peter yesterday and before we started i warned him that i have not manually done tips in a while. it is just hours of counting change and figuring up how much everyone gets.....really awful stuff. aaaaaaaanyway. the following exchange happened:

me: hey, this is like riding a bike!

peter: yeah, once you get back into it, it goes pretty quickly

me: no, i meant it was like riding a bike----it sucks and i hate it.

i laughed like there was no tomorrow. i got a courtesy chuckle from the room. thats enought for me these days.

another knitting session yesterday. i really enjoy knitting and hanging out with people but yesterday was a bust. i couldn't get my pattern to work out for me, everything was frustrating me, it was not a great knitting day. plus i hate that we meet at starbucks. i feel like i am at work and too many random customers come by and say the same things, "oh you guys can't get enough of this place!" and "oh i tried to knit once and i just dont have the patience for it!".

hopefully the malibeast will be up and running soon and i can drive. as long as nothing major is wrong, everything will work out.

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