Friday, November 7, 2008

i feel like i am waking up too late for an adult. i wake up at around 10. i am practically in my late 20's, this should not be! starting sometime in the near future i am going to wake up earlier than a consistant manner. it's only right. i am also slacking in the apartment upkeep area. basically i watch hulu all day till it is time to go to work. knit club is getting me out a little more and is making me feel more human but i am looking forward to getting back to school and feeling even more productive. the wheels are a-turnin to get the ol malibeast back on the road. i am hoping that i still walk to work even after it is fixed. even though i am in the process of changing my eating habits, if i don't walk or do my old lady workout, it was all for nothing. i am splurgning today and we are having some asian take-out of some kind. it is going to be grreeeaaat, i just know it!

knit club was exciting today because it involved a car on car collision! as soon as i got into denise's car, a woman smashed into the side. the side got scratched up and there is a fist sized dent as well. denise's feelings were pretty oh well about it and we just kept on to the yarn getting store. i got some gray and yellow. i am making the best scarf that has ever existed.

jt just came home with food so i am going to focus on that.

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