Friday, November 21, 2008

midnight showing of twilight. i have a few things to say about it.

--i am not going to a movie ever again that i can't eat real food and have a real beer...or donnie daquiri (HA! get it?). i love asheville and thier good time eateries.

--i went with one hardcore fan of the series, a person that has never read a line in any of the books, and 2 people that, like myself, have read the series once.

--the wait was not what i expected. i thought that people would be camping out and such. star wars this was not. we got there and there were a few tables in the bar area filled with high school girls pouring over the book and one teen-something boy that looked like he was trying to look like a lost cullen. edward he was not but girls were swooning none the less. we got some drinks and prepared to wait the hour before seating started. did i mention half of us just got off of work? anyway. this place seems pretty pretentious....german silent film on the tvs around the room, hoity toity beer selection, 2 stereotypically "indie" guys working the bar.....does anyone say "indie" anymore? i am old, i am not sure if that is still the word to describe. moving on. we got seated, ordered food, watched some stupid movie from the 70's that was set in a hospital and valerie still said "is this "the 10 commandments"? blah blah blah blah, some previews happened, then the movie started.

let me just say that i went in thinking that i was going to be let down. this is a book for tweens, i know, but i really liked it and i really got into the thinking that it was going to be butchered for the hannah montana crowd made me want to rethink watching it at all. aaaaanyway. it was hilarious to hear everyones reaction when each character was introduced. you either heard "that is totally not what he/she is supposed to look like!" or "yeah, yeah, that is totally ________" and oh my goodness when the first shot of edward came up you would think that it was the return of jesus. a collective sigh and many a giggle waved across the theatre. it myself swooned and maybe smiled bigger than i should have. let me just say that when i saw the first pictures and previews of this guy i was thinking "geez, this guy is NOT my edward!" but i have been changed. i cannot get enough of this guy. moving on again. here are a few more bullet points that i can't make interresting enough for an actual paragraph:

--charlie, the dad, is hilarious and when he gets his gun ready to meet edward i laughed more than it actually warranted.

--bella needs a fast acting inhaler. her breathing freaks me out. in every movie she is in she is gasping for air. not that i would not be breathing weird in this case.

--teen cleavage in movies and tv shows is starting to scare me. i have to deal with it on veronica mars and now twilight? come on people, they are supposed to be 16! that is weird as hell!

--stephanie meyers made a lil cameo as a diner patron and all i could think was "laaaame, and please don't let her have any speaking parts because i will walk out! i swear!"

--every couple of scenes valerie to my left would say "that is NOT how this is supposed to happen!" and margaret to my right would say "isn't she supposed to be wearing jogging pants?" so i am glad that i havnt read the book in months.

little things i am going to call "book jokes" popped up and everyone shared a laugh that someone that has not read the book would not really get as much. but why would those people even be there? stay home posers!

all in all i feel like it was not bad at all. the party i was with haaaaaated it and could not have been more unhappy. details were not perfect but it fit for the movie. things have to be shortened and it did go a lot quicker than the book but we don't have all day. not that i would have minded sitting through it. there were also some corny parts that may have cheapened the experience but i went in knowing it. victoria needs to head back to drama school...she was laying it on thick and it was making me angry. rosalie is supposed to be the most beautiful thing on earth but she looked like a girls gone wild reunion tour rep. she did have a thick behind if you know what i mean, which i respect. another part that killed me was when edward went into the sun to show bella what know, he gets all shiny and whatnot. he was glittery....not diamond covered and beautiful the way i imagined. more.....glittery. while glitter covered he said something to the effect of being the most dangerous killer ever or something like that....guy, you are covered in glitter, ie: not scary.

all in all i will see it again. and buy it when it comes out.

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robin said...

I WAS disappointed in the movie, spider monkey!

Anyway, when Edward walked in and Bella said, "Who's that" this girl behind me said "A god".