Tuesday, November 11, 2008

so. as far as my "reduced calorie, no soda, little to no crap food, slightly more than the zero exersize i am used to" diet was going fairly well until a certain guy i live with weighed himself and announced that while i have changed quite a bit of my eating habits and am struggling to adjust, he has lost well over 10 pounds by doing NOTHING. plus he has cheated and gets to eat 5 guys burgers and fries every week. i know i am being a baby about it. then i found out that i am burning the same calories knitting as i am doing my old lady "workouts". ACK! i am really happy for jt and i wish i wasnt being such a lunatic about it but i just dont get it!

ANYWAY. i am off to eat a piece of cheese. delightful.

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robin said...

Believe me, he'll catch up when we go to the beach!