Tuesday, November 4, 2008

i forgot to mention when i was talking about my day in the last post, holly brought her pet rats by as we were knitting and i let both of them crawl on my shoulders. it was cuter than you are imagining. not that i am running out to get a rat to name and hang out with, it was just something that happened and it was not terrible.

'leatherheads' is not as enjoyable as i thought it would be. maybe because i didnt so much as watch it as i just turned it on and walked away (psh, HEY-OH!).

also, i didnt knit like i said i would. i am a lying son of a gun, sorry about that. i really just sat here and watched the ol cnn ticker thing. and i drank some juice. i havent eaten anything good for me today. i even got a meat and 2 veg dinner from the hippie deli and it was not good for me. they make some great mac and cheese. lets never say "mac" again. sorry. i am still within my calorie intake for the day according to the 'daily plate' tracker so i am not going to be sad about it. i did a super short old lady workout and walked to the starbucks so i dont feel toooo lazy but seeing as how i have been staring at the same screen for 3 hours, it can make me feel that way.

WOOP! THIS JUST IN: PRESIDENT OBAMA! this is better than new years!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is times like these i wish we had cable. i just want to do some jumping jacks and maybe some mountain climbers! i can hear all of the liberal babies being conceived all across america as we speak. good times!

man, i have a really funny thing to say but it is offensive so i will not say it. oh man, its funny. i just texted a version to jt. i'll bet he thinks its funny.


chelsie said...

share your liberal funnies!!!!

chelsie said...

speaking of new years....remember that new years we were at richards in 2000 and you were like "well, i'm disappointed....i expected the lights to flash, at least"