Tuesday, November 4, 2008

here come your baby mama, driving a suzuki

if there were a contest, "who can watch 'baby mama' the most in one week", i would win. maybe.

public service announcements about smoking make me sad.

public service announcements generally make me feel sad.

knit club is going well and we talked about various people and things and fun was had. good knitting session. i haven't talked about knit club a lot because the first rule of knit club is don't talk about knit.......actually the first rule is "try not to be mean" but whatever.

i am getting ready to watch 'leatherheads' for some reason and continue knitting. why do i want to watch this movie? i can't remember!

trying not to look at cnn is difficult. i talked a bit about how i feel on my myspace blog, concerning the elections. its not about the elections at all, its about how people spewing their opinions makes me feel. opinions are like assholes, everyone has one! i feel a lot stronger than what i posted but i cant just line people who thing differently than myself up and beat my opinions into them. not that they didn't clutter up my screen with their lovely thoughts. but, you know what? i don't have to look at it. goodbye myspace, you were always a piece of crap. it had it's moments but all in all it is not for me.

thank you and goodnight.

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