Wednesday, November 19, 2008

midnight 'twilight' premiere tomorrow! i am pretty excited, even though the movie is not going to compare to what i imagined when i read it. straight after work we are heading to the theatre/bar and hopefully they will still have some room. i have my ticket already but does that really mean anything? plus i am going with one of the most hardcore twilight fans on the earth so i have no choice but to enjoy it. jt doesn't seem to want to see it. when i go to bsg next week i want to take julie to see it as well. speaking of, i am looking forward to going home for a bit. since i am going up tuesday and not sunday i am worried about getting from house to house and not getting to spend as much time as i would like with people but i can get over it. the thought of my family being as separate as they are is making me a little frustrated, sad, angry, etc. no one talks to anyone. AT ALL. uhg. the good news is that i am getting 3 thanksgiving dinners. that is a plus, right? i am actually going to keep watching the food intake during the holidays. i have been slipping lately, having a cheerwine today, pizza yesterday....but i am not beating myself up over it.

anyway. operation "malibeast" is going to start when i get back from thanksgiving. taking it to get a tune up and run a diagnostic, fixing the window, new tires. it will get me around town and to and from work in the winter and maybe it will last long enough to see me through another year. maybe, maybe not. i have seen far worse cars on the road....

uhg, i am going to watch some veronica mars and knit for a while. i am trying to see the show through the first season so i can give a more accurate opinion. plus i can's watch 'millennium' alone. i get all freaked out.

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