Sunday, November 23, 2008

Find the nearest five things next to you and...

1. Book: turn to page 56. Find fifth sentence in first paragraph, post below with title. "vroom, baby" from candy girl...

2. Magazine: turn to page 32, and choose the third line in the second paragraph, post below (if advertisement, next editorial page after). "it got to the point where if i heard another four-on-the-floor type of song i was gonna slit my wrists"

3. DVD/VHS/VCD/Laserdisc package next to you. Fourth name in the credits on the front or back cover. jason dohring

4. Mail in an envelope: Who is it from? the cable company

5. Packaging (new or used): What is it for? water

man-o-man, that was not as awesome as i wanted it to be. of course, not much is. hey! i am leaving town on tuesday! i have my family route planned out pretty neatly in my head but i know it is not going to be as smooth as i am thinking. we shall see!

i really have nothing to post about, i am just bored bored bored.

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Anonymous said...

Well you can always take Tom Tom back for a Turkey hahahahahahahahahahahahhaha