Thursday, January 8, 2009

eaaauuucchhh! my car is going to be the death of me! it will either mock me to death by just sitting there or the apartment manager or landlady here is going to stress me out about it so much to the point of me dying of a panic axiety freak out. i am betting on the panic anxiety freak out. number one, she does not run anymore and there is a number of things keeling it from doing so. number two, i can no longer move it from parking spot to parking spot, thus tricking people into thinking it works and comes and goes normally. it just takes up a premium parking spot and i am guessing it finally pissed the wrong people off. i got a note this morning basically saying that it needs to move or action will be taken. is this legal? i am not sure. would someone go through the trouble to actually have it towed? who pays for this act? i am it will be me. yeash. jt is calling the landlady to hopefullly give me a couple of weeks to get the beast sold, that was the plan anyway. it needed to be done a long time ago but i was fooling myself into thinking it would be great for just one more year. riiiiiigggghhhht. moving on.

i am not knitting a lot lately, i am just at a point where i am tired of knitting dishtowels and various square things but i am not confident enough to tackle anything too complicated. i can use double pointed needles and circular needles but i suck at reading patterns. i am hoping it will not get the better of me and i will pick it back up soon but i am not forcing myself. speaking of forcing myself, i have been working out everyday but since i have no been eating well, i am not seeing any results. it is better than nothing but i really need to work on what i am eating. so thats what is going on there.

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