Friday, January 16, 2009

geez. it's cold. the first dozen customers felt the need to remind us of the temperature...."can ya believe it!?!? 4 degreeeees?!?! thats ccrrrrrrazy!" and so on and so on. throughout the day people gave unprompted weather updates that made me want to pour hot milk on my head. cold enough for ya? yes, yes it is. thanks for asking. where is my rainbow chip cupcake?

we also had only one working bar this morning so i was pretty stressed. it should not be as stressful as it sounds but it really made me want to cry at some points. basically because no one could really help me because what could they do? i only had one station opened so they could only mark cups for me and watch helplessly as i struggled. i laugh now because it is a really stupid thing to get worked up about but when everyone was just looking at me and saying "what the hell is taking so long?" and then they would look at the people around me as if to say "geez guys, help this gal out, my am thirsty!". mind you they said this with their my head.

then the best thing ever happened. i was dreading the walk home because it is colder than my emotions can handle at this point. i looked up and jt was there! to pick me up! he drove from work! when it was time for me to leave! so i didnt have to walk home! it was the greatest thing ever. now i am here. at the apartment. listening to some will oldham. its a good time.

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