Monday, January 5, 2009

another song i can listen to aaallllll day

i am glad he has a dozen or more albums out. it will keep me from feeling like all music is geared toward either 15 year olds or assholes.

i knitted an arm warmer today. after finishing it i thought to myself "will i even wear these?" arm warmers are mighty 'look at me i am cool and wearing just the sleeves of a sweater and that makes me so painfully awesome'. adding to that the fact that i made them myself it would be even more pretentious. so i repeat: i made a single arm warmer today. i am not an arm warmer type of gal anymore. i am an unassuming pair of mittens that say "hey, i hands are cold". actually i am just a hands in the pockets type od person. why waste the effort?

my cookbook came in the mail today. i am pretty over the moon about it.

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