Saturday, January 24, 2009

work was slow, work was boring. came home and took a nap. the nap turned into going to bed until 3 in the afternoon. i had a dream that i was there when the first pregnant man gave birth. it was insaaaaaane. i think it is because i am watching a lot of buffy the vampire slayer and i am reading the sookie stackhouse series....involving vampires. not that a man giving birth has anything at all to do with vampires. i am just saying my dreams are super gruesome lately. again, not that a man giving birth is gruesome, giving birth is generally a bloody thing i would guess. this is getting out of hand. sorry. yuck. yeash.

for the past, however long we have had the elliptical, i pretty much workout everyday and i am starting to notice a slight weight loss. this weight loss it pretty much the the upper part of my body. it just just making me look even more pear-ish and weeble wobble-like than i can really deal with. plus the only great thing about gaining weight was that i could finally fill out a bra that was not meant for middle schoolers. i am still going to keep working out regularly and cut out the food that is worth eating. its sad that i know exactly how bad the food i eat is but i still have the teenage imortality complex. plus i had reignited my love of herbal dr enuf just in time to cut it out of my life again. ugh.

back to watching buffy.

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