Friday, February 13, 2009

'cause she's gooooone

maybe i just searched for "down came a blackbird" by lila mccann. maybe it look me more than a few minutes to find the whole thing. i might have listened to it 7 times so far. who knows?

it reminds me of going to illinois for the summer and annetta cranking it at 3 in the morning. it also reminds me of secretly loving it even though i was going through an angsty time when it was on tv constantly. i would say "UUUGGGHHHHH, i HATE country music!!" when really i was thinking "oh man, turn this shit up, i am loving it".

i am still listening to it and if i dont cool it i will be late for work. this is sad, really it is. i was going to walk to work today because i am terrified of driving the ol stick shift but since i was sucked in by thing song i am forced to drive.

i am dreading this full night of work. since all of the hours cutting i am used to going in for 5 hours and moving on. this 8 hours crap is for the birds.

i really have to get ready now. curse you lila mccann!

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