Saturday, February 14, 2009

i went to the car, set on driving to work yesterday. we have side street parking and i was hoping that since it was early afternoon, no one would be parked. i was wrong. the person in front of me was about 1.5 inches away from me and there was a truck of some sort behind me. i panicked but i felt like i should give it a try. it was not happening. traumatic. i called work to say i would be late because i could not unpark the car. yeash. i walked super fast, due to the rage i was feeling for not being able to get a car out of a space. geez. i called jt and, as always, got to be the receiving end of a hissy fit. poor guy.

at any rate, happy valentines day! we are not really doing anything because the thought of leaving the apartment and putting myself through a hell i can't imagine is not doing it for me. we went to ingles last night and guys were scrambling to get gifts for their ladies. i told jt that if he ever got me ingles flowers less than 1 hour before valentines day, i would freak out. that is laaaaame. i am not a huge fan of flowers anyway, unless they are super exotic. i am going to spend the day watching buffy and reading.

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