Monday, February 9, 2009

i did something today that i thought i would never do. it is almost too shocking to type because i am sure that no one expected this to happen.

i "hiked".

no kidding.

i am not sure where walking in the woods ends and hiking begins to be honest but that is what we called it so that is what happened. harmony called and proposed the idea and since i was dying to get out of the apartment, i went. we found a trailish type thing that was most definatly in the woods and it had honest to goodness inclines, nature things, and people passed us that looked like what i would consider people that hike. so yeah, it was hiking. the things we learned were the following:

*you are supposed to wear a bright color maybe? we passed 4-5 people, all of which had on orange.

*your shoes should have tread. i like my shoes like i like my tires, i am too lazy to get new of either. it was a laugh waiting to happen. my falling since i have to traction, not the joke.

*don't wear tight pants. this explains itself. i can't help that i can't find big girl jeans and i am too proud to go to a fat lady store. actually i am guessing hikers don't wear jeans? they wear organic hemp cords maybe, i have no idea.

*take some water, geez. 2 big girls trekking through the wild need hydration. simple as that.

*have a plan beforehand. we just looked for parked cars next to the woods, hoping that it wasn't a man-cave or place to get murdered. anybody remember the man-cave? FUNNY.

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