Friday, February 6, 2009

i just got home from work and boy, do i have some doozies to tell. my favorite happening of the day was when a young man got ticked at me for explaining what a cappuccino was. i am just going to put it into a play-type format for you guys.

him: i will take aaaaaa.....double chocolatey chip cappuccino.
me: ohhh the double chocolatey drink is a frappuchino, a cold drink. did you want a cappuccino with some mocha in it?
him: did i say anything about mocha?
me: well that is the chocolatey element. makes things chocolatey. taste like chocolate.
him: just give me an irish cream
me: we dont have irish cream
him: does it or does it not say cappuccino up there on that board?
me: irish cream is just a flavor. we dont carry it anymore. irish cream is not synonymous with cappuccino.
him: fine, if i cant get what i want, i just wont have anything.

his girlfrind talks him into getting a mocha, and when harmony calls it as a tall mocha he says "is this a white chocolate mocha?" and i almost hit the floor. now that i am typing it out, you really had to be there to get the greatness of this guy. or work at starbucks. either one.

the other story has to be told is person because it is about a creepy older gentleman mistaking me for a mccain fan and giving me the "eye". yeash.

also, on the way home i saw a guy on a unicycle that he was obviously using it for fitness. i have seen at least 3 guys on unicycles in asheville and it kind of makes me say "oh laaaamee, another 'unique' guy on a unicycle" but since this guy was dressed to exercise, i was impressed. plus i would say that he was pushing 60.

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