Friday, September 11, 2009

lets talk about the ways that having a laptop has changed my life. i can now watch hulu and tvshack whilst looking straight ahead rather than the hard right my neck has to strain otherwise. pre-laptop, if i wanted to recline whilst viewing my favorite shows i had to physically suffer. so, thats a plus, super comfort. another plus is that it is awesome. i feel somehow smarter, more powerful, my hair is shinier, teeth whiter, and i can see in the dark. but seriously, i am just happy to be on the internet whilst reclining to be honest. relaxing is important. i spend a third of my life sleeping, a third working, and the last third i spend on the internet looking at celebrity gossip. i would like to dedicate a little song to robin for making all of this happen:

plus she bought me lunch. it was pretty much a winner of a day for me.

in other news....well, there is no other news. i watch internet tv, work, sleep, eat nachos, and fuss at jt. nothing really exciting. in retail news, a lady wanted to try on several pairs of the same pantiestoday and was shocked that we don't allow it. number one, its the same cut and fabic, why ask if you can "try all of these on"? they are all alike! number two, trying on underwear is weird and i am surprised it can happen any where. she said she would just have to take her business to victorias secret. i then put 2 and 2 together and vowed to not shop there, because chances are that someone's lady business has been all over everything in the store. am i wrong? how do they do it? if you decide you don't want it after they try it on you just damage it and throw it out? do they have a spray like the kind they put into bowling shoes? do they send it to rugged wearhouse where i buy it for $1.99? who knows?

i have to watch some tv.

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Anonymous said...

Yuck trying on panties that has touched a strangers twat! She is a freak and to my knowledge Vickie don't allow this or they use to not allow this.
BTW.I miss you so

love Meemaw