Friday, January 1, 2010

HAPPY 2010

i am resolving to write more in this thing. first post of the year will be about the new year's avett brothers concert. actually, whilst i was thinking about writing more often, i thought that maybe i should try to use the ol' shift key a more often as well. We'll see how this goes. Feels weird. Feels unnatural, yet natural. Back to the Avett Brothers. Obviously they are the best thing going in my mind and have been for years. The New Years show in Asheville was announced (as I knew it would be as it has become a tradition) and I was really not sure if i wanted to go. The price was a lot more than in years passed and then when it was "moved" to a bigger venue I was even less sold on the idea. Not because I feel like they have "sold-out" but because I can't stand being around a ton of people, much less young, drunk, hipper-than-thou, white people. When the tickets sold out I was almost relieved because the decision was made for me, not going. Then word came down from on high that Starbucks would be giving out coffee to the people waiting in line, then getting to see the show (fo' free!) afterwords. I freaked out and begged to go. I do not, I repeat, do not believe that things happen for a reason. I do not believe in fate but at that moment I kind of let myself think that I was "meant to be there". I let it be super clear that I wanted to go and waited to hear. I will say that it was a cluster-mess from hell from the get-go, trying to get any information at all. Long story short, we handed out $1 coffee, tea, and after begging from "the people", hot chocolate. It was pretty much a bust, no one wanted to lose a place in line that they had been standing in for hours for a cup of Starbucks of all things. We basically served the same dozen people a few refills because they were in the back of the line. After a while we got roped off so they could start filling the civic center. My fellow baristas wanted to eat and get out of the cold. I wanted to somehow get in line so I could get in. I really wanted to see the show, at that point I honestly did. Against this, I went to eat, figuring that we were not going to get a great place on the floor at any rate so might as well wait till the line goes down. Let me also say that I had already worked a full day and I was tired and cranky. I followed Stephanie and her friend to the Bier Garden. The beer selection there is great, food is meh, people were the worst. I kept looking at my phone to see the time. I still wanted to see the show at this point because I really love these guys. I left the girls after a while and just went to the Civic Center alone...again, I really wanted to see the friggin' Avett Brothers people! Come on!

The Avett Brothers~Late In Life from LaundroMatinee on Vimeo.

So, as I am walking I see that there is still still a huge crowd. The thought process that had to happen in that split second I am really not sure but I had no desire to be a part of the whole thing. I called JT to come get me. While I was talking to him I saw a couple walking with a sign that said "WE NEED 2 TICKETS". I told them I had one, they just needed to get another, sealing my fate. Right then, a girl came up and told them she had an extra, if they could just get one more. Again, I do not believe things happen for a reason, it just feel into place and it was a beautiful example of being at the right place at the right time for things to go your way. For that couple anway. I felt good because it was an older couple that had never seen them before. They told me to please name a price but in a super corny moment I thought "WWTABD?". I have already seen their show they way I wanted. Once when they were new to me, it was free, and I am pretty sure the elderly people in lawn chairs around me were thinking "I thought this was bluegrass on the square, what the hell is this?". So it almost felt like they were playing just for me and the handful of other people that could sing along. It was around my quarter-life crisis so it was that much better. Plus I could walk home. Which i did after standing right in front of the stage the whole time. I got to buy a CD straight from their van, it was a great time. The next time I got to see them with people that had never experienced the greatest music in my life. I may have forced them to stay. Plus JT was with me, and even though he is not a fan, it was great to have someone I love to be there with me. I hate that I missed seeing the guys getting their coffee at my store on the way out of town but thankfully the girls got pictures and i have the coffee mug to "remember" the moment. So, I gave my ticket away to people that hopefully will appreciate it. I really don't regret it. I got to come home and spend New Years with JT, even though we crashed and went to sleep at 11. I slept solid until 10:30. Now I am going to eat some food, lay around and relax, and try not to clean, NO CLEANING ON NEW YEARS DAY!

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Anonymous said...

Fate is there girl. You did a good thing I am proud. Besides being in bed with JT at New Years is better!!!
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