Wednesday, June 17, 2009

so. i am back on the sugar in a bad way. all it took was one bad day. actually it has been a pretty nasty few weeks for charles but i felt momentarily good biting into that chocolate bar after not having sweets for however long. today at work i ate a chocolate chip cookie and a banana chocolate vivvano. a couple of hours ago i went back to work and had a grande mocha. i never ever get grande. it was just that kind of afternoon.

what eeeeeelse-----i ate at the noodle shop for the first time yesterday and it was pretty freakin good. our waiter was kooky mckook kook madooks. i caught him busting out some karate moves in the air whilst putting in orders. no one was around or paying attention to him at all so it had to be completely random. he also got our orders completely messed up and 4 extra plates of food almost came out before someone in the kitchen caught it and questioned it. when he took our plates to the back to box them up for us he came back with totally random tupperwares of food that were most definitely not ours. how could you mess that one up? take it back there, box it up, send it back out to the same person. no way could i take back some tofu cubes from someone and then hand them some chicken fried rice. it was not that busy dude. i forgave him because he looked like he could be brian van h's twin. or distant cousin. at any rate, the food was good.

i am going to walk around and take some pictures tomorrow with the ol' manual. i found 4 rolls of film in the closet. i figure it will give me something to do other than bitching around the apartment and dramatically wailing "woe is meeeeeee". this of course depends on if i can stay awake. i open tomorrow and i am still awake with no signs of being tired.

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