Saturday, June 20, 2009

i find that when i am super tired, i use the word "dude" a lot. i am just super tired.....dude. working many many hours is not doin me right. usually i sleep somewhere around 10 hours a night. now i am getting a more normal amount most of the week and maybe a 3 nights of 6 hours. granted, i am sleeping better and it is not difficult to just conk the hell out right away. i love not tossing and turning for hours. feels good. i also love not feeling guilty for wasting daylight. not that i am using said daylight hours. i am in a mall where the only window is a skylight that i only see when i have to hang up the purple and green plaid crops in the front of the store. the ladies love those. apparently the target demographic for this store only wear cropped pants and glitter shirts. ha, actually a woman came in today and said "y'all still carry 'em sexy shorts? i love me some shorty short shorts". i wish i were joking.

ugh. i have a story about going to the mall starbucks. i feel like every time i go to get myself a little drinky drink it is never the way i want it, could make myself, or get from someone i know personally or at my own store(s). not even taking into consideration that i would not have to pay for it if it were in said familiar situations. so. every time i have gotten a drink in the mall, some shit has gone wrong. the first time i went they didn't give me my discount but insisted that they did even though i had the receipt and no such discount went down. it made me super irritated but since i am a passive shrinking violet, i let it go because the guy was being a real 'see you next tuesday'. the next time i went i wanted a regular coffee and i saw the girl give me decaf. i can read. i saw you give me decaf with my own eyes. i have maybe done this 2 times in my entire life. one time because a woman was on her cell phone and gave me a stern "hold on!" finger. not cool. decaf for you, and have a nice life. the next time i wanted a hot fatty fat kid. angie, you know what i am talking about. yum yum. so, the lady makes it and it starts flowing like mad out of the drink spout. she proceeds to roughly wipe it off with a brown, filthy, sopping wet bar cloth. i just looked at her, looked at the cup, looked at her, looked at the cup....and so on. of course i then smiled and thanked her and skipped out of the store. moving on to today. i am just going to post the conversation.

me: heeeey. tall whole milk mocha

him: alrighty, tall caramel mocha!

me: nope, not caramel, whole milk

him: ohhhh! whole milk, got it..........paper cup okay?

me: errrrr. yes? ( i should have seen something coming right about here.)

so. i am waiting for my drinks (i got something for a co-worker as well) and the barista says "hey we made this latte by mistake, would you like it as well? which is common to give away mistakes so you don't waste or whatever. i said suuuuuure. so i have 3 drinks and a bottle of water. they are all fixed up in a tray and i head on down the road. i get to the store and when i pick up my mocha i notice it is super cold. i read the side of the cup and see that it is just a hot cup filled with cold whole milk....

cold whole milk. that's it! i seriously got tears in my eyes. for 2 reasons really. i wanted that flippin drink and the 2nd reason being that i was shocked that the guy was so stupid. rant over.

after a rough day ringing up fuchsia glitter shirts and semi-precious genuine Navajo turquoise rings i came home and took a nap whilst enjoying some "scrubs". then i went to starbucks and made drinks correctly and didn't act like a complete idiot. some of the highlights were when an early 20-something guy asked what a distinguished middle aged man would drink because thats what he wanted to have. denise hooked him up with a white mocha and convinced him that it was exactly what a man of power would have. later we laughed at him for drinking what is really a young woman's beverage of choice. or actually everyone in the south. okay, it transcends all ages and sexes but it was definitely not what he was looking for. it was what he really wanted in his heart though. he drank it with pride, i tell you that! another high point was.....okay, leaving for the night was about it. i just want to be home, watchin scrubs, eatin nachos, rantin on my blowg. feels good.....dude.


chelsie said...

fuschia glitter shirts. haha classic

stonedflea said...

oh man charlie. this entry definitely made me a sad face panda. =( i can't believe she ruined the fatty fat kid with a BAR RAG! that's like putting whore money into the offering plate. and cold whole milk? =( i hate it when stuff like that happens. it can ruin your entire day.