Friday, June 12, 2009

post #200!

so, yesterday was day 11 of "no sugar for 45 days". after dinner i was feeling super sweet toothified so i had a vanilla cone from sonic. i don't feel awful about it because it is 180 something calories. no big whoop. i thought i would feel defeated and just give it up but i felt satisfied and i didn't even think about having a treat today. i wanted to start working out again today but i worked all day and when i got home earlier i started cleaning so i don't feel like it. plus it is hot as hell in here. the night is still young so who knows.

hey, i have another shopping tip. i think i should change it to "tips for being in public". so here's a tip for going out to a public place: DON'T BE STUPID. if you are an idiot, go ahead and stay home and maybe shop online because i can't deal with your dumb ass. seriously, i am really worried about some of these people that are absolutely oblivious to anything or anyone around them. there are no words.

in other news....actually i have no other news because i have no life.


chels said...

i went to NY&Co in roanoke. they have some cute stuff! what's your discount?

stonedflea said...

charlie.. just so you know.. i love your blog. love love love. that is all.