Monday, June 8, 2009

day 8, i think, of no sugar. things are okay. i got a pretty crazy craving earlier on the way back from barnes and noble but other than that it has gotten a lot better. i am drinking a lot more water, as it is all i can really have. i got some coconut water a few days ago. i hear about that stuff constantly and when i saw justin timberlake with it on snl i was like, "man, i gots'ta get me some-a that!". so i did and it tasted just like coconut water. i am not sure what flavor explosion i was expecting but it was it was. i have some passion fruit infused coconut water just waiting for me to throw it away in the fridge but i am saving it for a special occasion.

lets talk about the second job for a second (ha, second second). there are some pros and cons. i am happy that i can fold a pair of pants correctly. i thought there was a wrong way and a right way and was always to lazy to do it the right way. i now know that what i thought was "right" was also wrong. another pro...well, thats the only good thing i can think of right now. what i want to talk about is the music i have to listen to the whole shift. i was thinking about how i am really out of the loop with pop music and i was okay with it. i read celebrity gossip for some reason and half the time i have no idea who these people are. now i hear it all constantly. i hear lady gaga and katy perry all freaking day! ! ! it makes me insane. all of the songs have the power to get stuck in your head and make me want to puncture my eardrums....i say this as i am youtubing them so i can hear them while i am outside of work. i actually went out of my way to hear some of this crap. and it is alllll CRAP. i cant get over it. i am super irritated right now.

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chelssss said...

i like katy perry!