Tuesday, May 5, 2009

summer job 2009

ahhhh, summer is almost here, what does that mean for the owens/burton household? i no longer get to lounge around the apartment, working 18, 20, sometimes 22 hours a week. it is summer job, pick-up-the-slack time for me and i will have to work 40+ hours for a while. curses. i will fall behind on my celebrity gossip, that i know for sure. since i will most likely not get it at the ol' 'bucks, i am now the proud employee, er, "associate....in the mall. i am going to talk some crap about it in the future i am sure so i will leave it at that. for the actual store, text me. again, i am afraid of being "dooced" albeit on a smaller scale. call me paranoid. anyway, i always said i wanted a job where i got to dress up a little and not have to crawl around cleaning drains and floor mats caked with coffee grounds and dairy, now i have that. not in the way i was hoping but who am i to be choosy? my first official day was yesterday. i learned how to ring people up, put on and take off those huge sensor things, fold shirts properly, hang and size pants, open the fitting room for people, and how to really pressure people into applying for an account with the store. seriously, i learned that in most retail stores, they have to ask you and ask you and ask you and cannot stop till you say "no" 3 times. seriously. i am up to asking twice without feeling like a total asshole. to be honest though, this place has some ridiculous deals and will give you percentages off for just about anything. teachers, nurses, emts, etc etc get 15% off, if you have AAA, 15% off, stuff like that. you cant leave without some sort of discount. that is really great i have to say. honestly, i feel like i will be able to live with it without going home crying (see summer job 2008 "target"). plus i am rarely there and get a pretty decent discount. stay tuned for updates on this gem.

i went to kohls earlier, as i need decent clothing for work, and when i checked out the lady pressured me into trying for a kohls account and all i could think was "ugh, this is what i am going to sound like". i finally said "i have never been to kohls and we don't have one where i live etc etc." lies! i lied and still got super annoyed even though i shouldn't have. sheesh. on another note, i got a pretty nice outfit for $12.00. amaaaaazing!

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