Wednesday, May 6, 2009

since i have started the new job i have devoloped a crazy thumb twitch. i am not sure that one has anything to do with the other but i am grouping it so i will have a cause for it. moving on.

work was less weird yesterday. i dont feel like crap asking people so try for an account because they are going to get the % off anyway, a 10$ card, and all of the bonus coupons just for trying so i could care less if someone gets annoyed with me. i annoyed the crap out of a lady yesterday till she tried, got approved so got 15% off, then got another 15% off for being a teacher. i saved the bitch over 100 bucks. one last thing i would like to say about this retail world, everyone is an asshole. a stack of shirts took someone quite a while to set up. then someone comes over and wants one from the bottom. she jerks it out. not lifting the top shirts, flat out jerking it from the bottom. her .5 second move just gave me 30 minutes of work. bitch. same for the person that decides to put stuff back in random places. thank you for the extra hour of hunting around and trying to fix it.

apparently there was a tornado warning this morning? i slept right through it. i was dreaming that gordan ramsey had a collection of strange rare pets. they were half rat half human it looked like. they talked. he treated them like kids, even though one of them was clearly elderly. it was adorable and creepy.

i hate that my day off is rainy and dark. not that i leave the apartment during the day.

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