Thursday, May 14, 2009

long day at work. super long day. i worked at the mall at 9am and i got to see all of the weird mall walkers. they were swarming the place. who thought of this? mall walking? i honestly didn't think that it was really a "thing". it was real and it was weird.

i cant stress enough how easy this job is. i clocked in and vacuumed for a little while, opened some boxes of preservative soaked clothes, snapped sensor things on them, and either put them on the floor to sell or threw them in the back room. i rang up around a dozen transactions and returns, put returns back on the floor, and left at 1. sure, i hate dealing with inconsiderate people but half the time the customers are normal-ish. it freaks me out how strange people are and i wonder if they know that they are either a complete douche or just generally weird. it is few and far between to meet a regular ass person around here. anyway. i left there and came home for about 40 minutes to change and get ready to go to starbucks. it was a never-ending day there and i felt like i was on a 5 second delay pretty much all afternoon/evening. nothing exciting happened, it was uneventful.

now i am home and wishing i could drum up some energy to get on the elliptical for a little while. i cant think of anything worse. i just want to lay around and read and listen to richard dawkins' soothing voice in the background. i am on a richard dawkins kick again and i cant get enough videos, audio books, and i would even go as far as to try to read 'the blind watchmaker' again. i think it was triggered by randomly finding and reading sam harris' 'letter to a christian nation'. i wish i was as well spoken as these gents.

i am soooo looking forward to having tomorrow completely off. maybe i will leave the apartment before 5pm. i doubt it, we'll see.

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