Tuesday, September 30, 2008

made of honor. yeash. i can't even watch it. i am just peeking every now and again just to see if they get together in the end. there is an attractive guy during the dinner scene towards, what i am assuming will be, the wedding. i also didn't vacuum. i was really excited about it but now i am full of the casserole i made and i really can't move. now i am listening to some fleetwood mac, fleet foxes, and some jay-z, drinking a cherry coke, and knitting a 5 rows every 20 minutes or so. it is pretty freaking great. what i mean by that is, I AM LONELY! seriously, i need some friends something aweful. if it were not so late, i would call someone.

aaaaaaaaaaanyway, pity party over.

i made up the bed with the new cheap sheets and comforter and i am so excited to sleep tonight. that is really sad but it's true.

one more thing about my vacuum. i am naming it tony stark because it looks just like iron man.

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