Monday, September 15, 2008

"you must suffer and cry for a longer time"

why am i not updating everyday?! i am shocking myself with my lack of updates. nothing really going on, working at lot, trying not to hate working at the morning place...i think i just hate the general feeling there. ANYWAY. moving on. i didnt feel like cooking and i didnt feel like eating one of the three dishes jt can cook, so we went out to eat at the cheddars. we live in a city (hmmmmm is asheville a city? a small city i would say. a smity. something between a town and a city....a tity. HA! a tity. that is hilarious) that has some of the best places to eat and we go to the freakin cheddars. a place that gets worse and worse every time i go there. i got a steak that i am pretty sure they microwaved, then threw some lighter fluid on it to give it that "just grilled" flavor. i say this and make it sound terrible but we all know i ate the hell out of it. yeash. i bought a scale today and i am hoping it will motivate me. another motivation is seeing a chart that said i was a pound away from being that shoulder-down shot that you see on the news that goes along with the story "millions of obese americans....." and you think, man, they have no idea they are being filmed because i am guessing if the film crew said "will you sign this release, we want to put your fat ass on tv to warn people", they would say no. if it is just the shoulders down, no one will recognize you? is that the case? i would know if it were me and i would cry.

i have watched dwight yoakum's "things change" 3 times in a row and i honestly cant get enough. weird. i would karaoke that too. good lord, i love dwight yoakum. i would say that he is my celebrity out. geez, just fast forward to 3:45...

i just wrestled jts celebrity out....out. of. him. poorly constructed sentence there. sorry. anyway, his is diane lane. pretty good choice i would say.

i should go to bed.

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