Thursday, September 11, 2008

i just got back from a happy fun time with roxanne and angie. it took me a while to get my energy level up. work saps me and drains any emotion out of me and it takes me a while to get over it. i bought a cup that looks like a plain starbucks cup but its really ceramic with a silicone lid. i cant wait to use it tomorrow. i also bought an octopus necklace that i have been looking at forever. i dont wear necklaces. not since highschool when i wore at least 3 at a time. i stopped wearing jewelry and makeup altogether after highschool. weird how that works out. anyway, i will wear this one. we ate at barley's and i have to say that it kind of sucked. our server was not great, the food was so-so and we had screamers behind us.

i really want to use this cup. it is killing me to wait.

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